Savons a l'Ancienne Traditional Marseille,  Pure Olive Soap with  Eco Certification all natural color.

Made in the south of France for generations,  This pure olive soap  is one of the finest French soaps.  Contains unusually high olive oil due to the age old process of the saponification.  This  age old process is for anyone with sensitive skin including babies. It can also be used in the kitchen, the laundry for hand washables and is excellent for gardeners.   Eventhough it is unscented, the natural  rustic olive scent is present.  150g rec


Benefits of Olive Oil on Skin:  Anti Inflamatory,  relieves eczema  and psoriasis, contains Vitamin  A, D, E + K  and acts as a natural mositurizer. 

Pure Olive Soap- Marseille Tradition

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