ORGANIC OATMEAL enriched with shea butter & cocoa butter and blended with exfoliating organic oatmeal. 

These soap squares locally made with  the triplemill process, which makes them last for a very long time.


Spring, summer weather bring  poison Ivy, bug bites and more, this is a wow soap for the season.

Benefits: Oats (Avena sativa) contain of a wide array of diverse chemical make up of oats translates into a many uses for inflamed irritated skin.  Oatmeal works as a skin protectant and protective barrier by helping to heal the outer layer of skin, and also keep infection and irritants out.

The  antioxidants in oats, have been shown to alleviate inflammation and also reduce itching.  

Organic Oatmeal- Exfoliating Botanical Butter Soaps

SKU: 6.35 oz ORG