Cute Citrus Bath gift set includes:  
❀ Lemongrass Natural Soap Bar (full size)
❀ 1 Large Bath Bomb
❀ Clay Facial Mask 
❀ Natural Lip Balm 
❀ 1 Big Shower Steamer
❀ Luffa Sponge
❀ Gorgeous box finished off with elegant ribbon and Lizush tag (5''x5''x5'') 
❀ Your personal note printed on a beautiful card   



#Luzish uses High quality all natural materials 
+ only natural colorant made from spices and herbs
+ only high quality essential oils for scent

A Women only CA based company
And all our products are: 100% Natural / Synthetic chemical-free / Paraben-free and no other toxic preservatives / Sulfate-free and no other harsh detergents / Artificial fragrance& Artificial coloring -free
Alcohol-free / Phthalates-free and petro-chemical-free / Propylene glycol-free and PEG-free
Never tested on animals / Do not contain toxins / Do not contain any GMO ingredients

Citrus Spa Gift Box




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