Life has a way of weaving a story into the fabric of our everyday existence. Textiles have always been a part of our lives, delighting our eyes and seducing us to feel its texture, curves, and nuances. My love and appreciation of fabric is a gift of both parents. My father was one of the managers of a major New York women’s clothing design factory. He would bring home new seasonal collections for my mother to select. Not to be left out, at 7 years old, I would get mill ends of fabric rolls to make clothes for my 2-foot tall, life-size doll. Experiencing the intricacies and patterns of unique textiles was just a way of life in our home.

Fast forward to my mother’s relocation to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, she was amazed by its revitalized growth and development. Still spry in her 80’s, she noticed something was missing for the new Inner Harbor residences, a place to purchase quality fine home linens. When she wanted special linen items, she always returned to New York. Her constant question was, “Where are all these new people going to get quality linens for their homes?”


Hence, Phina’s Fine Linens & Gifts Boutique was launched in her honor in 2007.

A bedroom is no longer a place to just sleep...

"It has become the center of many homes, the gathering place for toddlers, a personal retreat, the office, the style center for your profession. Above all, it is always the place for a great night’s sleep."

Our Promise to our Customers

Because we are not a manufacturer, we take our time to seriously vet the lines we bring into Phina’s Fine Linens for you to experience.   In 2007 we started showcasing just 3 lines, and now we feature over 16. Through the years, the quest to investigate, sample, and verify the offerings of hundreds of linen companies and manufacturers allows us to confidently offer only top-quality linens and products and Our Mission Continues. 


We may be a small boutique, but we make a bold lasting impact when it comes to providing quality lines and stress-free shopping experiences. You will always get customized recommendations to help you express your style when putting your bedroom & bath selections together.  Warmly, Carla 


Do stop in, set up an appointment, or visit us online.

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